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hi-tech experience. We have done all the hard work for you. We have an incredibly robust package of software that allows us to tailor your conference to your taste. This is NOT a Zoom meeting or a Google Hangout. This is a professionally produced event with tools for your audience to engage, interact, get content, ask questions, and more.



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We will help you look your best and deliver impactful events. Hold closed VIP sessions with a few fans and give them an experience they will brag about. Hold hybrid events with a smaller group of in person attendees while streaming live to people around the world. The combinations are endless.

Alien Agendas

When it comes to aliens and their potential agenda, people have been making claim after claim for many years. But how can we judge the strength of such claims?  For years, Richard has declined to speculate publicly on the alien agenda. Unfortunately, many other individuals have promoted unfounded and self-serving claims to the public, severely muddying the waters and creating confusion.

This lecture was presented live by Richard Dolan on June 6, 2020. 

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Alien Agendas Lecture


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