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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Social Media is your communication tool. Reach your audience and deliver your content in the best possible way.

Social media cannot be ignored. Proper use of your social channels allows you to reach people in globally. You can personalize your message, grow your brand and grow your audience.

Content is KING

It's not just about opening a bunch of social channels. Better to have fewer channels that are managed well than all the channels managed half-assed.

We know, that may seem harsh, but it's the truth. Twitter, for example, is what we call a content dumpster. You have to put a lot of content on the channel to really get great results. Once your channel is well established, then you have a few options on how to manage it moving forward. But, if you have less than 10,000 followers, you should be posting six to eight times a day. Those posts need to be a mix of content like, images, video, re-tweets, sharing of articles, promotions, clusters of images and simple text.

All of the Control, None of the Effort

Social media is everything in the world we live it. It simply cannot be undervalued or ignored. Adults are connected all day and presenting your brand in a palatable, appealing, and streamlined way is necessary.

So what happens when talent is left do figure out social media on their own? To put it simply – not a lot. Let’s face it – in the digital age, social media alone is full time job – a job that talent simply doesn’t have the time for.

That’s where Pursuing X comes in. We have social media down to a science. We create graphics, links, text, promotions, and so much more. We time and schedule posts. We tie in analytics. We engage your fan base and promote growth. Our team learns your voice, tone, and style. Hate a certain emoji? You’ll never see it. Love a certain hashtag on your Instagram posts? It’ll always be there.

Tailored to Perfection

One size does not fit all in social media.

Some marketing companies say they can do it all but fall short. You’ve seen it before – a post clearly written for Instagram (tags and all), copied and pasted over to Twitter, Facebook and more. You know what we call that at Pursuing X? We call it lazy – and that’s why you’ll never see it happen for our clients.

What does that mean? It means that each and every single post we make is written and published not just for you, but for the platform. We take the same approach with our graphics. Each platform requires a different size so it looks great. We create images, videos and stories that work the best and look the best.

Always Evolving

Social media is more fast paced than ever. Platforms change and grow every day and something new is always happening. So how does Pursuing X keep up?

It’s simple – by maintaining a diverse team that spans across multiple demographics and age groups. In fact, part of our intake process is bringing in the team and seeing who you fit with best. We understand that no one person can know it all – so don’t leave it to one person. Let us reach all your target audiences, not just one.

High Tech for a Reason

We utilize the very best in our posting platform. We are proud to work with eClincher as our publishing partner. Why? Because no other system out there offers the number of platforms, the amount of analytics and the comment management that eClincher does. This means that our team can manage comments, reply, like and share as you without ever sharing your login details. We value the safety and security of your social channels.

We utilize a vast suite of software and apps to get the job done and are always on the look out for new tools.

Want more details on our services, clients and stats? Take a look at the PDF below.

PursuingX Social Media 2020
Download PDF • 439KB


Ideally we want to have a call first, however, we also know how frustrating it is to go to a website and never even get a clue as to what the cost is for a service. So, here we will give you some figures to work with. Then, you should book a call so we can find out what the best fit is for you.

Monthly Costs

We want to talk to you about your goals before we develop a quote. The services you need will be a hybrid based on your goals. There are many other services we offer that compliment our monthly services such as;

Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram ads

Re-branding of all channels and optimizing for SEO

Updates to your Google Panel

Social listening

Influencer marketing

PR Services

Live Event Streaming

YouTube Management

Talent Management

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