Public Relations

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

PR can be an integrated part of your live streaming event, your brand, movie or book release or product launch.

One great way to get your message out is to appear on YouTube Channels, Internet radio, blogs, podcasts and online media outlets. Let us help you get noticed.

Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for!

Anyone can write a press release or pay for a few ads. Publicity is so much more – let us show you how we’re different.

Creating and maintaining a favorable public image is crucial for any brand. You need a consistent look, feel, and message. Our whole team gets to know you on a personal level through meetings and brainstorming sessions, that way we get a feel for your voice, style, and overall presentation. We fine tune that and get to work. We take your vision and begin storytelling, creating content, curating relevant content that compliments your message, media training, and crisis communications (when you need a little CYA) are all part of what we offer.

Pursuing X can pitch your upcoming book, film, or other project to hundreds of media outlets in order for you to get your message out on several different platforms, and we can integrate that buzz into your social media and marketing campaigns. No hunting down leads or chasing clout – you just keep doing what you do best, and we’ll handle everything else.

Working through experienced partners we can also distribute press releases and coordinate with your existing PR team.

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