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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Time to face reality. The way people “attend” events has changed. On-line movie releases, conferences & more for the time we live in now.

The traditional model for events has changed. We all need to change with it.

Meet your audience where they are. At home.

Live stream with us and create a unique, personal, interactive, hi-tech experience.

It's all about the fan experience.

We have done all the hard work for you. We have an incredibly robust package of software that allows us to tailor your conference to your taste. This is NOT a Zoom meeting or a Google Hangout.

This is a professionally produced event with tools for your audience to engage, interact, get content, ask questions, and more.

Simple. Effective. Profitable

Here is how we work:

We meet and discuss the event and your goals. Next, set the date(s), ticket prices, and purchase options. We create the advertising, help you post to your existing social channels, and email your existing email list.

We sell the tickets, take care of processing payments, answer all questions from

purchasers, make sure you are comfortable using the platform, and then set up and

run the event.

Our fee is also simple. We take 20% of the gross sales. That pays for the software,

support, advertising, marketing, and processing fees charged by PayPal or

other processing companies.

Flexible and Powerful

Call, text, or email and we can answer all of your questions.

In the meantime, here are a few more points to ponder:

· Have up to 4 live presenters at once on screen. We can provide panel moderation, someone to ask questions and support you on and off camera.

· Offer a completely interactive session with 25 people all on camera (VIP packages)

· Add live questions that we can pop-up to the audience on the fly, or prepared in advance

· Give the audience a PDF that they can download as a value add

· Play videos, slides, and share your screen

· You can use a completely interactive whiteboard—all live

Let’s talk about the possibilities!


For those who like to read more information, here you go.


Set your event for a Saturday and/or Sunday and not during a holiday weekend.

Bring in other speakers. Create a few different session that are an hour or 90 minutes long. Break up your lectures with a VIP time. Give your audience a chance to get up and walk around. Think about how your particular fans like to interact with you. How about an “ask me anything” or do you like to do a panel discussion? You can get very creative with our technical capabilities.

Think about sliding ticket prices; an all day pass for $99 up to $159 and price single lectures at $39 up to $89 and then price the smaller 30 person or less VIP sessions a little higher for your top fans at $99 up to $129 depending on the star power you can bring.

Your fans are at home hungry for content, now is the time to act.

Features of the platform include a live chat (we manage the chat for you), a pop up question box with multiple choice answers, a “raise hand” function for Q & A, the ability for fans to send the manager (us) questions. You can share a video, slides, sell merchandise and have access to a super-cool white board.


It’s not just about the income from the day of the event. You can also set up a residual income stream. We have a hosting platform (NOT YouTube) and you can set a price for people to watch your lectures, VIP sessions or become monthly members of the page. We record the sessions and can provide the files directly to you for your own use, or host them so you can earn even more. It’s up to you.


There is no risk to you. Let’s say we put together an event and it does not go over well...or you don’t sell tickets. OK, that’s not great, but it’s an easy thing to fix. We refund any tickets that were purchased and that’s it. No additional charges to you. Our agreement is simple and covers the revenue split and payout.

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