Digital Marketing

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Digital marketing is a vast area that can cover social media, live streaming events and merchandise sales. It is about analytics, testing, strategy and most importantly, heart.

Social media is not as simple as throwing up a few hashtags and posting a few images and links. There are different algorithms for every platform. You need a team that understands it all. We are here to take a unique and independent approach to the content you put on each platform, so we can run the ads that will get be seen by the people they interest most. Pursuing X realizes that “one size fits all” often really means “tailored to no one.” Time and effort go into each ad so that your marketing budget gets the most bang for its buck. Don’t believe us?

The numbers don’t lie.

Merchandise, books, video and More

Now, more than ever, fans want to buy merchandise. People aren’t just watching their favorite media – they’re wearing shirts, buying books, getting tattoos – anything they can do to rep what they love. So, if you’re not selling, you’re missing out. Need merchandise made? We have the connections. Have merch? Great! But is it selling? Do the price points need to be re-evaluated? How is it being marketed? Some of clients have been able successfully boost merch sales in a matter of weeks. Let’s empty your current stock and make room for new and fresh items.

Cross Collaborations

With so many content creators, there is bound to be someone you would work well with. Who do you want to work on a project with? Who would love to have on your live stream? We will reach out and make the connections – you just show up.

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