Talent Management

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Pursuing X Talent Management Services put you and your brand first.

Our talent management services help you reach your target audience and your goals. We utilize a custom created suite of services to get you where you want to be. We can help you with branding, promoting a new book or show, getting invites to conferences and events and help with your Public Relations needs.

Small Business Feel – Big Business Results

To put it simply, we’re here for you. You cannot be constrained to “normal business hours” in marketing anymore – and we get that. This means you’ll get personalized, one on one support whenever possible. We’re not just an email away – but a phone call, a Skype message, a text – whatever you need.

Meetings and Brainstorming

We’ll building a meeting style and schedule to suit your needs. We can do structured, scheduled regular meetings, but you can also provide one on ones with almost anyone on the team. From deep dives on your analytics to group brainstorming sessions, we can do it all. Maybe you prefer something more informal – shoot one of us a text! Sometime just need a second set of eyes (or a third). We promise to bring all that, and more, to the table.

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